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Trade Name Restoration (TNR) -

Insurance Coverage for

Restaurants & the Hospitality Industry

Business Interruption for Food Borne Illness Outbreaks


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Most service industry businesses serving food and beverage are insured for customer injuries or lawsuits such as slip and falls, but they leave their REVENUE exposed to the possibility of a food borne illness outbreak. TNR triggers for food borne illness peril and does not require physical damage. Most standard business interruption coverages under PC/CGL policies DO NOT trigger for food borne illness.


A substantial "Revenue Loss" exposure could have a heavy impact in the lifeline of a restaurant and/or hospitality services survival. An average PC/CGL policy will usually cover the loss for their guests injury or illness caused by their property or product, but NOT for a loss in revenue due to the drop in customer foot traffic. Customer traffic may take months to return, if ever, but their business expenses will remain steady as they try to recover from the damage. How do they pay for those expenses?


This is why the Business Interruption for Food Borne Illness Outbreaks Coverage (Trade Name Restoration®) is an essential addition to protecting their business.

Plus… When the chaos of an outbreak happens, the Insured will have a knowledgeable and experienced crisis management team through Specialty Risk Management, Inc.. They are qualified with industry specific experience and certified with state and national designations who can structure responses for the business interruption crisis event aimed at improving the outcomes.



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